Easily transfer your data, applications or other business elements to a safe and secure cloud computing environment.

ClouddbFact, based in Dallas, Texas, is dedicated to supporting all types of businesses whether small or large, with their unique data migration requirements. With us, you can completely take advantage of advanced cloud-based solutions.

Our team helps to determine whether a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is best for your organization.

We are specialized in providing one-stop solutions for

  • All data migration for both on-premise and cloud-based services
  • Data encryption and masking solutions

We help you to strategize, migrate and modernize your applications. We can assist your organization with any models of cloud computing – IAAS (Infrastructure AS A Service), PAAS (Platform AS A Service), or SAAS (Software AS A Service).

With our reliable cloud services, you can benefit from

  • Smart user-friendly applications
  • Time-saving features
  • Ease of data access from any location
  • Enhanced security
  • Qualitative outputs
  • Smooth disaster recovery options

Services We Provide

Server build services

  • Automated, server building process
  • Server certification
  • Technology/cluster upgrade
  • Server build/ re-build options
  • Automated quality assurance tools

Technical support 24/7

  • Both onsite and offsite support
  • Skilled and experienced engineers
  • Certified hosting specialists
  • Help desk management to data centers
  • Backup/storage administration

Database migration

  • Migrations from multiple database sources
  • Migrate to the cloud or an on-premise system
  • Secure delivery framework
  • Support for traditional/ emerging database technologies
  • Minimal downtime to migrate databases


  • Reliable IT cloud staffing services
  • Partnership with several MSPs & OEMs for residency resources
  • Cloud staffing solutions for startups and enterprises
  • Instant access to highly-skilled talent pool

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Why Choose ClouddbFact?

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Less server build cost
  • Proven record in cloud infrastructure services
  • Dedicated workforce of certified professionals

Automate and easily take advantage of your data! Reduce any sort of cloud migration risks!
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