Data Masking

At ClouddbFact, we are focused on providing outstanding services for a constantly evolving industry that demands excellence. We have extensive experience in offering customized data masking services to clients.
With data masking, you get to create a structurally similar version of the data of an organization that is also inauthentic. This is used for software testing and helps protect the original company data. The substitute is used for times when you don’t need real data.

The kinds of data that are protected by masking usually include:

  • PII (Personally identifiable Information)
  • PHI (Protected health information)
  • PCI-DSS (Payment card information)
  • ITAR (Intellectual property)

We offer static and dynamic data masking.

Static Masking (SDM)

We offer SDM during:

  • Application development and testing – Protecting data and reducing compliance in dev and test situations
  • Data publishing and sharing – De-identifying data for exchanging among different parties
  • Business intelligence and data – Protecting data that is consumed by users of business applications

Dynamic Masking (DDM)

We provide DDM for:

  • Business applications – Stored production data that is consumed by users of business applications where some of the users are not authorized to access the original data
  • BI and analytics – Protection of data consumed by users of business applications where production data must not be seen.
  • Application development and testing – Data protection where regulations prevent effective SDM use.

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