Data Masking Algorithms

ClouddbFact is dedicated to providing unique data masking services for all types of businesses. Our expertise in data masking algorithms ensures that programming isn’t required and that realistic values are produced. Referential integrity is preserved within and across sources.

We can quickly customize out-of-the-box frameworks. New algorithms can be defined easily if required.

We can use many masking techniques such as the following for data obfuscation tasks:

  • Data shuffling
  • Data substitution
  • Randomizing
  • Nullifying
  • Encryption

The three major concepts of the data masking framework are:

  • Test data management – With data masking, companies can help ensure security if someone makes private data sets available to the public
  • Compliance – Preventing unwanted data access or reducing exposure for overall compliance posture
  • Production database protection – For companies that have production database protection as the main goal

At ClouddbFact, we offer the ability to identify sensitive data, automatically mask data, and adopt a policy to ensure privacy compliance.

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